Right Fans. It’s time we got you in on the lingo and got you a dagdictionary. So:
Dagdudes/ Dagdonions – members of the band
Dagdonites – what we call our fans.
DagDamsels – the girls of the band
#harpsichordhunk – Kieran. Because like…look at him like
DagDads – Donal, Gabriel, Marcus and Sean. The words of wisdom behind our eloquent ensemble.
DagDames – Máire, Philomena, Nora and Imelda . The ones who put the rearin on us. Sure aren’t they full of hugs and wooden spoons. The epitome of the Irish paradox.
Dagdogs – Molly, Honey and Lucky.
Dagdrivers – Caitríona and Norah
dagducks – an alleged mafia of Ducks that Norah and Caitríona become a bit paranoid about when over tired from the Dagdriving
Lady Gregory – our harpsichord
Sir Oliver Plucks It – Norah’s cello (?!)
Dagdelerium – something that happens Norah and Caitríona and they go a bit mad
Davey the Duck – a result of dagdelerium – apparently a vegan duck behind which there is a whole story that makes no sense.
Seamus the Fox – Seamus is the fox that’s not sly. Again a result of dagdelerium combined with Caitríonas brother Colm.
Dagdapping – a dance move unique to Dagdad Marcus
Dagnanimus Decision – something the whole group agree on.
Dagdwelling – Caitriona’s gaff. In which everything is Máire’s. everything.
Dagdining – eating. Which we do. A lot.
Dagdammit – an exclamation of frustration.
Dagdeal – compromises the band makes – i.e. “I’ll give ya two bits of coconut for a few of your goji berries” “dagdeal”
Dagurus – our inspirations. Aoife, Marja, Pauline, Kate, Francis, Corrie, David, and Clare
Dagdevinity – Michael Collins
Betsy – Caitríonas sadistic satnav. She likes boats.
Gerti/Gertrude – google maps.

DagAlly – a friend of Ensemble Dagda, ie they are on the mailing list.

This list is dagdefinitely incomplete and will be added to continuously.




Meet the DagDads
Donal, Gabriel, Marcus and Sean
Us Dagdudes love our DagDads very much. They are a constant source of wise words that need careful deciphering as they are often parted in code. ‘you know what I mean and the grass is wet’
Donal is a genius of the actual genius classification. Literally a fountain of knowledge in all things history. A resident of Timoleague he dabbles in all sorts and is currently taking an intermediate Italian class… you know, for the craic. Here he is in his natural habitat, pointing at some oul historical fella.
Gabriel is a farmer of the typical Irish farmer classification. He has a tendency to speak in riddles and wears a farmer cap. He has a grand stick and his best friend is DagDog Lucky. He is an avid follower of the race horses and has absolutely no time for the porcupine Go pheomenon that is sweeping the world.
Marcus is our number one facebook follower. We depend highly on him for our hits. He is a dedicated cook and Norah is dying to try his beetroot burgers. He has formed the most wonderful coffee been combination that tastes like caramel and we are dying to get the recipe. Marcus keeps pigeons and races them and we also reckon we could communicate with Norah in Helsinki by pigeon. Like Gabriel, Marcus is well into the horses. We can’t wait to get them together to natter about the horses. Finally Marcus has coined the unique dancemove that is DagDapping…. ask him for a demonstration.
Sean is a Kerry man coming from a farming family in Reen, Kenmare. He absolutely loves his football, a big supporter of the GAA (didn’t rub off on Kiki in the slightest I’m afraid😬). He is a horologist by trade like his father before him. Horology is the study of making clocks and watches. He has a great ‘dad’ style sense of humour if you know what I mean 😏 And he has a fancy pants car #ensembledagda #dagDads #aboutus #dad #love #wisdom#thankyou #wexford #waterford #cork #kerry