Right Fans. It’s time we got you in on the lingo and got you a dagdictionary. So:
Dagdudes/ Dagdonions – members of the band
Dagdonites – what we call our fans.
DagDamsels – the girls of the band
#harpsichordhunk – Kieran. Because like…look at him like
DagDads – Donal, Gabriel, Marcus and Sean. The words of wisdom behind our eloquent ensemble.
DagDames – Máire, Philomena, Nora and Imelda . The ones who put the rearin on us. Sure aren’t they full of hugs and wooden spoons. The epitome of the Irish paradox.
Dagdogs – Molly, Honey and Lucky.
Dagdrivers – Caitríona and Norah
dagducks – an alleged mafia of Ducks that Norah and Caitríona become a bit paranoid about when over tired from the Dagdriving
Lady Gregory – our harpsichord
Sir Oliver Plucks It – Norah’s cello (?!)
Dagdelerium – something that happens Norah and Caitríona and they go a bit mad
Davey the Duck – a result of dagdelerium – apparently a vegan duck behind which there is a whole story that makes no sense.
Seamus the Fox – Seamus is the fox that’s not sly. Again a result of dagdelerium combined with Caitríonas brother Colm.
Dagdapping – a dance move unique to Dagdad Marcus
Dagnanimus Decision – something the whole group agree on.
Dagdwelling – Caitriona’s gaff. In which everything is Máire’s. everything.
Dagdining – eating. Which we do. A lot.
Dagdammit – an exclamation of frustration.
Dagdeal – compromises the band makes – i.e. “I’ll give ya two bits of coconut for a few of your goji berries” “dagdeal”
Dagurus – our inspirations. Aoife, Marja, Pauline, Kate, Francis, Corrie, David, and Clare
Dagdevinity – Michael Collins
Betsy – Caitríonas sadistic satnav. She likes boats.
Gerti/Gertrude – google maps.

DagAlly – a friend of Ensemble Dagda, ie they are on the mailing list.

This list is dagdefinitely incomplete and will be added to continuously.



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